Sam and Josh Fullick

Sam and Josh Fullick

Aw! Honestly Thankyou so much for everything you have done for us Nick! We are truely so very thankful for you!

We wish you all the best for the future!
Sam and josh Fullick!

- Sam and Josh Fullick
Cliffleigh NSW 2321

Giuliano Roufail

Giuliano Roufail

Good morning Alice,

I hope you are well!

You are awesome, thank you so much for looking after my property including the rental income and keeping track of the market price. I could not ask for a better real estate agency other than Epic Property Marketing. I am really happy with your service and experience.

I have put trust in you and your team and I definitely do not regret this decision whatsoever Keep up the great work !

From: giuliano roufail

- Giuliano Roufail
Gillieston Heights NSW 2321

Eugene Lekas

Eugene Lekas

Hi Nick,

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to you and your family as well. Thank you for your assistance and patience during the last 12 months. Your service and willingness to help is much appreciated. I could always rely on your quick replies and you always got back to me with answers and feedback. So thank you Nick, we appreciate all your efforts. We will stay in touch.

See you in soon in the New Year.


Eugene Lekas

- Eugene Lekas
Hamlyn Terrace NSW 2259

Aman Chandra & Anshu Chandar

Aman Chandra & Anshu Chandar

Good evening Sekou & Nick,

I hope you guys are well. I am writing today to thank you guys for your hard work and efforts in getting our home loan over the line.

It started with a simple enquiry we sent via Domain, Nick responded, at the time you sounded like a typical salesperson trying to sell real estate. Little did I know that Nick’s follow up phone call that afternoon would lead to our dream of entering the homeowners market a reality. Thank you for making that phone call Nick, within the next couple of days I found myself placing an EOI on a property.

Sekou, I cannot thank you enough for your effort. When I was filling out that discovery questionnaire, I told myself that I would be filling out more of these for other brokers as things get serious, I was wrong, Sekou worked through the night to carry out his assessment, to my surprise I found an email the next morning with stated that we could borrow the amount required for the property. That email was sent at around 1.00 am in the morning, I said to myself this guy is crazy. From that point
forward, sending documents back and forth was the only task for which I had to lift a finger. The rest was all taken care of by Sekou.

As I understand now, dealing with Westpac was a nightmare – I still don’t know how you did it Sekou. My friends used to question why the broker went with Westpac, my response; because my broker has told me that he has to ensure that I get the bet interest rates possible. There was a time during the application process when I started to stress out due to the slow response from Westpac, both you guys got me on a conference call to keep me motivated – thanks for doing that guys, it made a big difference. Sekou understood my personal circumstances and battled
with Westpac to get things moving. Finally the good new came, it was like someone had lifted a mountain off my chest, the mortgage application stress was gone and I got my life back to myself.

All the way through to settlement, Sekou neve backed away. He even took time out of his leave period to ensure Westpac was organized for settlement.

Thank you Nick for your time out this afternoon as Anshu and I went to meet the builder, really appreciate everything that you guys have done for us and continue to do.

I wish you guys all the very best with future clients and I pray to god that your business continues to grow in prosperity; and YES Sekou when our house is ready and we have settled in, we will invite the two of you for a special Fijian style bbq dinner.

Thank you once again and best regards,
Aman & Anshu
Gillieston Heights NSW 2231

- Aman & Anshu
Gillieston Heights